Aggeliki Tzanou
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Double leather back scabbard for latex sword, luxury version. LARP, SCA, medieval.
Zar'roc. Yet another weapon that I need in my sword collection.
"It's rare for fashion and function to unite as well as it has with this quick-draw styled holster with a bag instead of a pistol. On top of being handy, this belt simply makes you feel badass. In the future I will offer several other attachments to this belt, giving you lots of options for what you want to attach to the holster belt." --MisfitLeather on etsy
Fantasy Master FM-577 Ring Knife (3.5-Inch Overall) by Fantasy Master,
Custom  Studded Leather Ranger Archery Quiver by HouseofVoodoo, $110.00
Replica Daedric Swords. From Skyrim! Heck yeah!
Nemhain's Machete by on @deviantART
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Multifunctional Tooled Leather Quiver Holding a Bow, an Axe, a Knife and a Rope with a Detachable Pouch. $300.00, via Etsy.