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a loaf of bread sitting on top of a cutting board next to apples and flowers
Υπέροχο κέικ με μπαχαρικά και μέλι!
apples are being chopped in a glass bowl
I can't get enough of cooking this apple pie for my husband! It's too delicious! | apple pie, husband | I can't get enough of cooking this apple pie for my husband! It's too delicious! | By Want More Recipes | This apple pie is so delicious, it melts in your mouth. Anyone can make this wonder. Let's get started. In a bowl, add 3 eggs. And mix. One cup of sugar, 3. 5 ounces of melted butter. One cup of milk. Cinnamon powder to taste, and mix again. Zip 10. 5 ounces of wheat flour. Tell me, how do you make apple pie at your home? I'd love to know your recipe. Now add one tablespoon of baking powder. Mix well. Three apples cut into pieces. And today's shout out goes to Joseph Dias Brames Ochipriano, Portugal. He always follows our recipes. Thank you very much. Now just add the apples and mix. Put the butter in a greased and floured pans. Pick in a preheated oven at 356 degrees for 40 minutes. And our apple pie is ready. Let's unmold it. Look how beautiful it turned out. I'm going to sprinkle powdered sugar but it's optional. These apple pieces melt in your mouth. This pie is delicious. Thanks for hanging out with me. I'm Laura from Want More Recipes. See you in our next video. God bless. Take care. Bye.
four pictures show different types of desserts
Πανεύκολη Αχλαδόπιτα | Συνταγές -
Wild Roll Cakes
Hojas bordadas con cintas Más
two plates with slices of cake on them next to a loaf of chocolate chip bread
Κέικ βανίλια σοκολάτα χωρίς μίξερ
a cake with caramel toppings on top is sitting on a pedestal and has the words caramel apple cake recipe above it
Salted Caramel Apple Cake Recipe - Sugar & Sparrow
The perfect cake for Fall: layers of apple spice cake, salted caramel, and vanilla buttercream, topped with a dripping caramel apple | Sugar & Sparrow | #caramelapples #caramelapplerecipe #caramelapplecake #cakerecipe #fallcake #applecake #saltedcaramel #caramelrecipe
there is a cake with apples and nuts on it
Apple Toffee Crunch Cake
Apple Toffee Crunch Cake
a piece of cake on a plate with powdered sugar on top and another slice in the background
Αφράτο Κέικ Μήλου και κανέλα και μοσχοβόλησε όλη η κουζίνα - ΧΡΥΣΕΣ ΣΥΝΤΑΓΕΣ