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a drawing of a leafy plant with green leaves
For The Last Two Years, I Have Been Painting Leaves That Tell A Story
a close up of a statue of a woman with long hair
Saint Mary Magdalene, Strasbourg, 1462, detail Walnut,
a statue with a box on top of it's head in front of a white background
Reliquary Bust
a statue of a woman with braids on her head
Reliquary Bust of Saint Balbina | South Netherlandish | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a painting of a woman with a scarf around her neck and wearing a hood over her head
Tourismus | Würzburg entdecken | Kunst und Kultur - Museen, Galerien
an oil painting of a man wearing a white turban
II. Abdülhamid'in saray ressamı Fausto Zonaro'nun Fatih Sultan Mehmed tablosu.
Berlin, Study Diet, Cafe Poster, Ancient Paintings, Wars Of The Roses, Art Graphique, Face Art, Female Portrait, Portrait Drawing
Wikiwand - Portrait of a Young Girl (Christus)