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a young boy holding a pink flower in his right hand and pointing at the camera
For you... :)
correcting skin color in Lightroom People, Kids, Children, Teach Feelings, Autistic Children, Kinder, Precious Children, People Of The World, Little People
Correcting Skin Color / Skin Tones: Age, Ethnicity, and Tonal Variations
correcting skin color in Lightroom
a woman holding a camera up to her face
AViewThruMyTTvLens - Etsy
This one grabs me. Passed it twice but I keep coming back. Have a feeling pro photographers do this more than we think. A rare honesty in her face.
a black and white photo of a woman holding a baby in her arms, laughing
three children walking down a dirt road with one holding a ball in the other hand
From "Sudan Famine" series by Tom Stoddart. This shouldn't even BE an issue. Most of the food produced in America is fed to livestock. A good portion of food in America is wasted beyond that (tossed from the plate, left to rot, "expired", etc)
two women and a man are shopping for baby products in a store with the caption,
Just a note: No one is born racist. It is a despicable and completely taught phenomenon.
Just a note: No one is born racist. It is a despicable and completely taught phenomenon.
a little boy standing next to a white cow
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Got milk? Pretty gross but a kids got to do what a kids got to do... lol
a young child holding a spoon with food in it's mouth
L'enfance du monde
Generosity. Sweet child...deserves soo much better--they ALL do!
Natty meets Seb x Kiddos, Down Syndrome Kids, Special Kids, Down Syndrome Baby, Young People, Kids Around The World, Little Ones, Child
Pioneers for Children with Down's Syndrome
Natty meets Seb x
two young monks holding up a green leaf and looking at each other in the same direction
Friends by sutipond somnam / 500px
Friends by sutipond somnam on 500px
a man carrying a baby in a sling on his back and smiling at the camera
Black Culture
Black Culture
Brick and hard labor. Portraits, Ansel Adams, Child Labor, Labor, Hard Labor, Poor Children, Poverty, Photographer
Brick and hard labor.
a group of young children standing next to each other in front of an open window
World Ethnic & Cultural Beauties
Kids ib Cambodia
a man kneeling down next to a baby
Ser como niños ❤️❤️