Greek flag

Greek flag nine stripes represent the syllables in "Ελευθερία ή Θάνατος" which means "Freedom or Death" and the cross stands for the Greek Orthodox church

Emerald Parure Tiara - (Greece)    The Emerald Parure Tiara was first worn by Queen Elisabeth of Greece. The emeralds came from Russia to Greece in 1867 when Grand Duchess Olga Constantinova married King George I. The tiara was created by Queen Elisabeth of Greece, who changed the design overtime. The tiara originally started out as a bandeau style then a new one was designed by Cartier in the kokoshnik style. The current tiara features E’s that interlock.

Danish Ruby Jubilee - Gala Banquet: HM Queen Anne-Marie of Greece Jan wearing the tiara, earrings and brooch (suspended from a diamond collet necklace as a pendant) from the greek emerald parure.

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Greek Flag

Bread, olives (and olive oil), and wine are three important components to the Greek diet for many centuries and today.

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