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Maltese "blue" tiger (this isn't photoshopped) Beautiful!! gotta check this out to see if real....

The Maltese Tiger, or Blue Tiger. Most of the Maltese tigers reported have been of the South Chinese subspecies. The South Chinese tiger today is critically endangered, and the "blue" alleles may be wholly extinct.

Albino Tiger...Just a few light rings on tail; truthfully I think this is better classified as a 'white' Tiger ??

white lion big cats are my favorite animals lion tigers Cougars cheetahs leopards all of them! They are the most beautiful of all the land. Especially tigers OMG. What I love is tigers are queens of they territory.

Maltese Blue Tiger by Sphynxette

Maltese Blue Tiger by ~Sphynxette on deviantART - seems to be that the South Chinese Tiger or Amur Tiger subspecies from Korea has evolved from a slate gray into a blue-grey.