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a drawing of a baby sitting on the ground holding a book and looking at it
Elizabeth Orton Jones
elizabeth orton jones
two children looking at themselves in the water with their reflection on the surface, while another child looks down
Looking Glass River by Jessie Willcox Smith 11x14
Jessie Wilcox Smith
Mother And Child, Children Illustration, Girl Reading, Illustrations, Mors Dag, Woman Reading
Mother and Daughter Reading
a painting of a woman holding a baby in her arms and the moon above her head
a painting of a woman holding a baby in her arms with the night sky behind her
Brian Kershisnik III
the art room plant: Brian Kershisnik III
a painting of a woman holding a baby in her lap while sitting on a bench
Jessie Willcox Smith with FREE fantastic pictures!
a painting of a woman and child in front of a window with the moon behind them
Women Painters
Jessie Willcox Smith (American, 1863 - 1935): This Simple Faith Has Made America Great (via Christie’s)
a painting of two people sitting on a bench looking out at the water and trees
Sitting. For Thirty-One Days.
a striped wallpaper with flowers, hearts and leaves on the lines in different colors
Pattern — Clare Owen Illustration
Pattern — Clare Owen Illustration
an image of a mother reading to her child
Reading Fairytales with Mother By Jessie Willcox Smith Counted Cross Stitch Pattern
a woman and two children are reading a book
20 Powerful Paintings Of Parents Reading To Children - BOOKGLOW