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Confused about food habits during breastfeeding? Read on to find out the foods to avoid while breastfeeding so that you and your baby will not be harmed.

There are NO foods you need to avoid whilst bf. Unless you have reason to believe baby has an intolerance. Milk taste like food.

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15 Homemade Pregnancy Tests to Detect Pregnancy

LactConnect Breastfeeding Blog: Breastfeeding Secrets Revealed: Position, Hold and Proper Latch

Breastfeeding positioning and latch techniques - chin first, nose second.

The pros and cons of the different drugs in labour so you can make an informed choice.

Save this Infographic for a quick reference guide when thinking about medicinal pain relief in labour. What are the pros and cons of the common drugs used for pain relief in labour?

3 Phases of Labor | A2892-r10 aluminum board. This board gas actual size…

cervical dilation during pregnancy and labor

The pregnancy is over and you’ve finally brought your new baby boy (or baby girl) home from the hospital. But now what? Take a sigh of relief because you’re going to love these newborn tips and tricks for new parents!

Any position you like is fine if you and baby are comfortable and baby can transfer milk well.

Pelvis and fetal skull...Regions and landmarks in the fetal skull facing to the left, as seen from above

Pelvis and fetal skull.Regions and landmarks in the fetal skull facing to the…

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What is the Placenta? A temporary organ linking mother and fetus — brings nutrients and oxygen to and moves harmful waste and materials away from the fetus.

The Uterus: A Natural History

Leopold’s maneuvers a. Presentation: hands are placed on either side of the maternal abdomen to palpate at fundus to determine if round, hard object felt at fundus (fetal head, indicated a breech presentation) or soft, irregular contour ( fetal buttocks, indicating a vertex presentation)

What You Should Know About Your Baby& Position During Labor and Birth: How to Tell Where Your Baby Is Located - Leopold& Maneuvers