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a small balcony with some plants on the windowsill and two stools next to it
Balcony Makeover Ideas l Home Decor
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four different views of the same building and its reflection in water, with one image being distorted
Billboard Installation
‘non-sign II’ is an installation by seattle based art collective lead pencil studio located at the Canada-US border near Vancouver. The sculpture is made from small stainless steel rods that are assembled together to create the negative space of a billboard.
a bedroom with lots of pictures on the wall and lights hanging above the headboard
But still I rise.
Because power is made perfect in weakness.
a chair that is covered in some kind of cloth on it's back legs
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♥ Sasha Vinci what is the priest was made out of plants... and you could take bits of flowers/roots directly off him? What if he was this mass that was rooted in his beliefs quite physically?
two wire sculptures sitting on top of a white wall
objets fils de fer sculptures et objets
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a black and white photo of a bowl with birds flying in the air above it
instalaciones artisticas en arboles - Buscar con Google
an art exhibit with paper falling from the ceiling
A unique glimpse into the world of the most captivating paper installations
A unique glimpse into the world of the most captivating paper installations
a room with large windows and lots of bubbles hanging from the ceiling
What Is Ephemeral Art? Read To Know More - Bored Art
What Is Ephemeral Art? Read To Know More
an empty hallway with some lights on the ceiling
a sculpture made out of black beads hanging from the side of a glass wall in front of a window
Charcoal sculpture by Bahk Seon Ghi: #ArtInspiration