AdT - Prêt-à-Porter 2014 -2015

Arsinoe de Thrace is launching a limited line of Prêt-à-Porter garments alaways handame from the finest silk.
8 Pin25 Ακόλουθοι
Clymene, Titaness of renown, fame, and infamy, and wife of Iapetus
Selene, Titaness of the moon
Aura, Titaness of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of early morning
Phoebe, Titaness of the “bright” intellect and prophecy, and consort of Koios
Metis, Titaness of good counsel, advice, planning, cunning, craftiness, and wisdom. Mother of Athena
Themis, Titaness of divine law and order
Leto, Titaness of motherhood and mother of the twin Olympians, Artemis and Apollo
Sappho, lyric poet, the 10th muse and wise according to Platon

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