Where history left its mark...

The smallest stone can be the brick of revival. Ancient Greece is an endless inspiration to create art that links the past and the present for the future.
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Temple of the Great Gods - Samothraki Island. Symbol of the Kavirian Mysteries, unique and remembered for the multicultural rituals.

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Sounion, the golden hour Greece

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Εκτιμάται ότι η Νίκη ήταν προσφορά στους θεούς από κάποιο ηγεμόνα, πιθανώς ύστερα από νίκη του σε ναυμαχία

Thousands of years ago the Gate of Sun in Samothraki was leading to the Sanctuary of The Great Gods. Men, women, slaves or kings would be initiated at the Kavirian Mysteries...

Kavirian Dancers from the Sanctuary of the Great Gods

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