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This piece somehow represents chaos and order at the same time. There is a definite structure here but the pieces also look as though they could all fly off at any time. It makes me want to watch them to see where they go, which might make me a little bit crazy since I know they aren't moving. Still, great, dynamic, interesting design

Nuclei {"a project about space, space filling and fields. Starting from a sphere . and applying several types of scalar fields to its volume, a large set of boxes is used to highlight the shape and the tension of the underlying forces"}

Water dripping down rocks over moss.

Water dripping down rocks over moss.

Water dripping off a rock

My sister took it!

water drop

I am just so fascinated by the reflection in this water droplet, it looks like the glitter is stuck to the water, but NO, it is reflections from the glitter on the feather. See also: Glittery Ball .