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Artemia Argirou
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Ship with dolphins. Wall painting replica from Akrotiri excavation. Ancient Greek painting. Greece, Santorini 17th century BC

Fresco from Akrotiri depicting the prow of a Minoan ship surrounded by dolphins, c. ( Wall painting replica from Akrotiri of Thera excavation ) .

House of Ladies Fresco, Akrotiri, Thera

House of Ladies Fresco from bronze age Etruscan colony Akrotiri, Thera

multistoreyed buildings possibly depicting the old town of Akrotiri , Santorini with daily life images

A Minoan fresco showing a fleet and settlements, fresco from the bronze age in the minoan town Akrotiri, Santorini, Greece about century B.

Fresco  de los Antílopes de Akrotiri, isla de Thera (mayor repertorio de pinturas hallado después de Cnosos).

Minoan Bronze Age frescos inside Building B, Akrotiri of Thera, of two young boxers and antelope. Courtesy & currently located at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens. Photo taken by Marsyas