Seaside Village, Isle of Crete, Greece >> Gahhh I want to see this! Look at that water! I've seen clear water at home in Hawaii but there's something about Greece that keeps calling my name :D

Sarti, Chalkidiki,Greece. A paradise, in the northwestern Aegean Sea.

A paradise, in the northwestern Aegean Sea. At the Peaceful Ocean Sea and Sky Blue Beach with Peaceful Fantastic Water to Enjoy.

GREECE CHANNEL | Zagori in Epirus #Greece

One of the most beautiful places in Greece, Zagori. Zagori (Greek: Ζαγόρι), is a region and a municipality in the Pindus mountains in Epirus, in northwestern Greece.

Kartela beach - Kyparissia bay, Messinia (Peloponnese), Greece

A short distance away from Kyparissia Beach Hotel are such clean sandy beaches as "Tripes", "Cartel", "Sunny" and "Kalo Nero"