Artemis Psimmenou

Artemis Psimmenou

Artemis Psimmenou
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sneakers history

Infographic: The ultimate history of sneaker design. From Chuck Taylors to Air Jordans, almost 100 years of kicks are here in one awesomely illustrated print. Check out the full infographic.

The Moustaches of France Plaque is a handsome accent for your wall or tabletop! Showcasing five moustaches, this plaque has fun French commentary!

butterfly butterfly

Beer Can Butterflies Paul Villinski crafts elaborate installations depicting flocks of butterflies in motion. All with recycled and repurposed materials; his butterflies use aluminum cans. Paul Villinski Beer Can Butterflies DIY Upcycling Cans

Dice and Domino math sheets

Free Math Worksheets: Dice & Domino Math Games - adding, subtracting, and simple probability