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two women sitting at a table talking to each other
This Unique Portraiture Marries the Past With the Present
Laara Cassells pairs contemporary subjects engaged in technology, with figures from historical portraiture painted between 1460 and 1907. “The paintings are mostly inspired by European society portraiture, which, like the modern Facebook page, often present an idealized version of an individual.” Cassells chose models with an eerie resemblance to the sitters in the original paintings. Pictured: Kyre and Blowing Bubbles (after Charles Chaplin) (acrylic on Dibond panel, 39.5×45)
a painting of trees in the snow with brown and blue streaks on it's ground
3 Artists Who Switched to Acrylic Paint
Switching mediums can serve your artistic growth in unexpected ways. For these three artists, it became all about acrylic. In this feature, Carole Malcolm, Bruno Capolongo and Patti Brady share their stories of transitioning from other media to acrylic paint. Considered one of the most versatile mediums, acrylic can grow your body of work and feed your craving for innovation. Pictured: Treescape 02820 (40×40) by Carole Malcolm
a paintbrush with green colors on it and the words acrylic color mixing how to master shades of green
Color Mixing for Acrylic: How to Master Shades of Green!
It's easy being green with Chris Cozen's tops for color mixing the perfect greens!
three women sitting at a table with food in front of them and one woman holding a spoon
How to Create Powerful Magical Realism in Acrylic: A Demo
Learn how Andrea Kowch transports viewers into eerie landscapes laden with stories dense with magic. Shown: The Feast (acrylic on canvas, 60×84) by Andrea Kowch
a painting with text that reads ditch the details paint in more impressionistic style a demo
Ditch the Details! Paint in a More Impressionistic Style: A Demo
Ditch the details and paint in a more impressionistic style. See the demo at the link in our profile! Shown: Bright Days (oil on linen, 20×30) by Carol Hallock
a painting of a red barn with trees in the background and text that reads, build atmosphere in landscapes with color temperature
Build Atmosphere in Landscapes with Color Temperature
Learn how the interplay of warm and cool colors sets the temperature and creates drama in a landscape. Shown: Dappled Light at Dunthorpe Farm (watercolor on paper, 12 x 16) by Catherine Hillis
a painting of a woman in a blue dress sitting on a bench with her legs crossed
Top Three from AcrylicWorks 8
Check out our top 3 award-winners from AcrylicWorks 8! Shown: A Touch of Red (Serenity) Acrylic on paper, 30×22 by Ken Goldman
an acrylic paint and some other art supplies on a table with the words quick plein air sketches capture the moment
Capture a Moment with Quick Outdoor Sketches
Keep up with the changing light: 11 field-tested tips for painting a scene with speed and economy! Shown: Patterson’s Farm (acrylic on panel, 12×12) by Joe Gyurcsak.
a drawing of a dog with the words draw a pet portrait in charcoal
Draw a Dog Portrait
'Sup Dog? Learn how to draw a pet portrait with charcoal pencils!
acrylic demo finding spontaneity in still life with text overlay
Finding Spontaneity in Still Life: A Demo
A setup is just a suggestion for Carolyn Marshall Wright. Follow along in this demo as she embraces an unpredictable approach to bring her abstract acrylic art to life. Pictured here: "Evensong" (acrylic and oil pastel on paper, 20×26) by Carolyn Marshall Wright
the water is crystal clear and blue with some trees in the backgrouds
How to Paint Seascapes and Water in Any Medium
Who is painting seascapes and water right now?👋 💦 This roundup of techniques will refresh your skills in how to paint water (in every medium) just in time to head for lakeside or beach.
a glass bowl filled with oranges and limes on top of a book
Realistic Acrylic Painting: An Artist's Process
Alvin Richard began his path to realistic acrylic paintings, with startlingly real glass objects and hints of popular culture, with the help of a long-distance mentor. Learn more about Realistic Acrylic Painting here!
an airplane wing flying in the sky with clouds above it and blue skies below them
How to Paint Skies in Any Medium
Learn how four artists paint skies in their respective mediums. Plus, a roundup of our best articles on painting the ever-changing skies above us.
a person is painting on a large piece of paper with paintbrushes in front of them
Going Matte: This Acrylic Paint is Oh-So-Flat in All the Best Ways
We want to hear from you! >>> How do you use MATTE acrylic paint? 🎨 If you’re an acrylic artist seeking to create large, graphic matte works of art, then you’re going to need paint with excellent coverage, increased opacity, and a flat appearance. Our paint of choice is SoFlat, which is formulated to make it easier to achieve this vision, allowing artists to create uniform fields of rich matte color in fewer layers than our other color lines. Read our 4 tips for applying here:
a painting of water flowing over rocks into a river
Pastel Landscape Painting in the National Parks
Tell us, have you ever planned a cross-country painting trip? With destinations including those that you've always wanted to paint? It sounds dreamy - pastel artist, Doug Tweddale, did just that!