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three oranges on a blue background with circles and lines in the center, surrounded by small dots
April is Stress Awareness Month! We all know how art can help clear your head, but there is one form that is specifically well-suited: Zentangle, a unique technique whose rhythmic process and repetitive structures can bring calm and order to a hectic day. #StressAwarenessMonth #Zentangle
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Stress Awareness Month
April is Stress Awareness Month. Whether you're painting, drawing, sculpting, or crafting, the process of making art can help you find a sense of calm. The next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed, take a moment to pick up a paintbrush or pen, and let the meditative aspects of making art soothe your mind and spirit. #arttherapy #meditation #creativity
a painting of a bridge over a river in the middle of a green field with trees
Art Goals: Winning an Art Contest
"There’s no doubt that winning awards can help grow your reputation in the art world. Developing a name on the national level can be especially helpful if you have ambitions to be an art instructor. It can also mean financial support if your work wins prize money. As artists, we have to wear many hats to make a living." Artist Frank Eber's tips on how to navigate the territory of art competitions are worth reading. Pictured: View from Dome by Frank Eber, Watercolor 14x18in
a tea set on a blue and white table cloth
The Best Advice I Ever Got: 8 Pastel Artists Share Success Secrets
The editors at Pastel Journal talked to some of the artists whose work was featured in the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) 2021 Juried Gallery Exhibition. Here, a selection of these artists share the lessons that have contributed to their success. Pictured: The Art of Zen by Julie Freeman (pastel on paper, 10 x 15)
an image of a piece of cake on plates with the words art life written below it
A Sweet Serving of Inspiration
Enjoy these artful depictions of pie that are sure to inspire you in the studio—and perhaps in the kitchen, too! Shown: Pies, Pies, Pies by Wayne Thiebaud, 1961
an abstract painting with the words learn how karn nelson embraces the shadows
Shadow Lover
Learn how Karin Nelson takes harsh, cold, unattractive objects and turns them into places of beauty.
a man with a fake moustache on his face and the words artsy halloween costumes everyone will love
Halloween Costumes Artists Will Love
Check out these fabulously artful Halloween costumes!
a quote from helen frankenthaler that reads, there are no rules that is how art is born, how break throughs happen
No Rules
How does this quote apply to your art?
an open wooden box filled with lots of paint and other art supplies on top of a table
The Index Card Art Project: Paint for 31 Days
Michelle Wooderson challenges you to a 31-day painting commitment. This art project is easier — and smaller — than you think.
a person sitting at a desk with a dog in front of them and the words,'25 artists and their historic studios '
125 Artists and Their Historic Studios
🧑‍🎨 There’s something about seeing where artists practice their craft. Peek inside the art spaces of dozens of artists — from famed Georgia O’Keeffe in her New Mexico compound to Winslow Homer in his coastal Maine studio, and more. Pictured here: Norman Rockwell working on "First Trip to the Beauty Parlor" with dog Pitter in his Stockbridge studio, 1972. (Photograph by Bill Scovill, Collection Norman Rockwell Museum, © NRELC: Niles, IL.)
a person with a hat and jacket painting on an easel in front of the ocean
8 Habits of Highly Satisfied Artists
☺️ What makes you feel satisfied as an artist? Satisfaction is a powerful feeling. It’s fulfillment, freedom, and pleasure rolled into one. It doesn’t always come easy — but artists can definitely make it a habit. Here are "8 Habits of Highly Satisfied Artists." It's a good read!
the website for waterfoster com is displayed in front of a blue background with pink and
Announcing the new Walter Foster site!
Make sure to peruse the free video tutorials on Walter Foster’s new site! Their virtual Art Studio features at-home instruction on everything from painting and drawing to origami and hand lettering. Happy creating, artists!
the cover of 5 ways jean haines combats artist's block
5 ways Jean Haines combats artist's block
Do you ever feel like you’ve lost your motivation as an artist? These tips from Jean Haines can help you get your groove back — and keep it. Pictured here: "Racing Ahead" (watercolor on paper, 11×23) by Jean Haines #ArtistsBlock #CreativeBlock #Creativity #ArtistsOnInstagram #ArtistsOfInstagram #ArtistsNetwork #ArtistsAtHeart #ArtIsLife #ArtLovers
the aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but then inward significance
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an airplane wing flying in the sky with clouds above it and blue skies below them
How to Paint Skies in Any Medium
As we celebrate Earth Day this week, we look at some of the ways artists paint, draw, and find purpose in the living world around them. ☁️ This collection shows us various ways artists paint skies and all of the wonderful techniques and materials they prefer.