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a painting of a tree in the middle of a foggy field with red leaves on it
Up Jumped Spring! Your Guide to Spring Landscapes
Your guide to spring landscapes is here! Get the inspiration you need to depict spring, in all of its glory. The world in spring feels refreshingly different and alive, and it’s just daring us to draw and paint it. It’s a sweet spot in the cycle of the year, and knowing that it’s coming makes it no less wonderful when it arrives. Happy spring landscape painting to you all! Pictured: Barely There (oil, 48 x 60) by M. Katherine Hurley
a man standing next to a truck with the back door open and his hat on
The Importance of Repetition as an Artist
The core of Scott Christensen’s teaching surrounding artistic growth starts with repetition, and there is no compromising the commitment. “You have to learn to think artistically and aesthetically in how you see,” he says. “You need to train your eye to see what is pleasing to you, and what is not. What might seem a strong harmony, is actually just a vague, close idea of how a true harmony might play.” How will you apply the advice of this hard working landscape painter?
an oil painting of a river with trees in the background and sand on the ground
Plein Air Landscape Painting: Your Guide to Getting Started
How do you make the most out of your first thirty minutes painting en plein air? This feature will assist in your approach, and also provide tips from experts on best techniques for creating in the great outdoors. Also a part of this piece: a round-up of our best articles on plein air gear and getting started in any medium. All you need to do is get outside! Pictured: Tidal (oil, 10×12) by Michael Chesley Johnson
an old fashioned bedroom with wood paneling and statues on the wall behind the bed
This Innovative Artist Combines Charcoal Drawings with Assemblage
Whitfield Lovell combines charcoal drawings with playing cards, found objects, and entire structures in order to reflect upon the lives of past generations. Pictured here: Whispers From the Walls (interior view) by Whitfield Lovell
a painting of a girl standing in front of a bush with her hands on her hips
Noah David Exhibit at The Underground Museum
The late Noah Davis's themes in art bounce between depictions of everyday life, and his work in magical realism. The current exhibit at LA's Underground Museum helps us to understand his triumphs at the canvas as well as his legacy in community. Davis’s career was brief but expansive, his compositions modest in scale, yet so relatable in feeling and mood. His palette aided in the delivery of his messages, a certain amount of melancholy found in his selection of blues, purples and greens.
Top 21 Art Videos of 2021
Our bestselling and most watched courses of 2021 show us that you love watercolor, and that art is a method of healing. Titles on mindfulness and intuitive approaches to art hit our bestsellers list, alongside timeless classics on painting light and landscapes. Check out our link to see what topped our lists in 2021 and how you can benefit from the videos and courses offered by Artists Network!
an artist's studio with easel, paintbrushes and other art supplies
Art Studio Inspiration
What are your art studio goals for 2022? We all know finding the perfect artist studio can feel like a search for the holy grail, and is something many artists struggle to achieve. This Artists Magazine excerpt is a wonderful reminder that as artists we can apply our creative problem-solving skills to everything we do, including finding unique places to make art. #artstudioinspo #stayinspired #artistsnetwork #artistsmagazine #artheals #keepcreating
a painting of apples and grapes in a basket on a table with the words monet above it
Hungry for More Art Prompts?
Take a bite out of these 9 creative art prompts! Shown: Apples and Grapes by Claude Monet, oil on canvas
a painting with the words stuck in a creative rut? four strategies for getting your grove back
Stuck in a Creative Rut? Four Strategies for Getting Your Groove Back
Breathe. Stay calm. Do. Not. Panic. We've all been there, and it's not fun. Here are 4 ways to recapture your mojo and start creating again! Shown: Ashes by Edvard Munch, oil on canvas, 1894.
the cover of how artist flow lediah dore stays in the flow book
Persistence and Passion: How Jedidiah Dore Stays in the Flow
🏃 Known for his reportage art, Jedidiah Dore not only captures action in his work — he also keeps his artistic production in an ever-present momentum. In this video, he shares his secrets to staying in the flow. Pictured here: "Flatiron District location drawing" (14×17 inches, ink and watercolor) by Jedidiah Dore
an image of two women with glasses and the words, art bound episode 13 pushing the boundaries
Art Bound Podcast, Ep. 13: Pushing the Boundaries of Color
In episode 13 of the #ArtBoundPodcast, Anna Valdez and Janna Watson discuss their creative philosophies when it comes to pushing the boundaries of color in their artwork, as well as the role color plays in artistic (and human) expression.
an oil painting of a building with blue stairs and orange brick walls on the outside
These 10 Winning Artworks Prove That Talent Has No Expiration Date
😍 Take a look at the winning pieces from Artists Magazine's 2020 Over 60 Competition! These works prove that age is nothing but a number: Pictured here: "Staircase" (acrylic on canvas, 24×30) by Carol Loeb
5 Keys to Creating Art That’s All Your Own Mass Drawing, Art Techniques, Great Artists, Underpainting
5 Keys to Creating Art That’s All Your Own
#4. Don't strive to be liked. We're loving Dean Mitchell's advice on painting from the heart. 💕 Pictured here: "Common Dignity" (acrylic, 11×16) by Dean Mitchell @deanmitchellstudio
6 Artists Look Forward to What 2021 Brings | Part 1 Santos, Looking Forward, Robinson, Social Injustice, Bring It On
6 Artists Look Forward to What 2021 Brings | Part 1
✨ In this two-part series, six fabulous creatives share what's getting them amped for 2021. Featured: Ron Hicks | Hyeseung Marriage-Song | Katie Shima | Cesar Santos | Alexandra Pacula | Mario A. Robinson