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Since its invention in the 19th century, the art of photography has revolutionized the way we look at and document the world. Now, contemporary photographers are upping the ante, looking to new technologies, methods, and sensibilities to make images for the present day. Browse our extensive photography collection here and bring home your own piece of art history today.

This is what will happened to anybody who wants to do ballet. New York City Ballet dancer. Kind of an empathy-pain-inducing image.Henry Leutwyler for New York Magazine.

Henry Leutwyler | Artspace

Henry Leutwyler - Ballet No. 210, Photograph

Nine Editors, by Kyungwoo Chun. The 2014 Nine Editors is a series of nine photographs that are based on a performance.

Nine Editors, Kyungwoo Chun |

Kyungwoo Chun - Nine Editors, Photograph

Looking for Love - Goodfellows(Nike _cheek), by Daniele Buetti. Beautiful, media-defined commercial sirens or vamps are at the base of Daniel Buetti’s w.

Looking for Love - Goodfellows(Nike _cheek), Daniele Buetti |

Daniele Buetti - Looking for Love - Goodfellows(Nike _cheek), Photograph

The Fag Show, by Sarah Lucas. Renowned for her brazen, unapologetic work, which takes on misogyny and the sexualization of the human b.

The Fag Show, Sarah Lucas |

Sarah Lucas - The Fag Show, Photograph

Candida Höfer: Philip Johnson Library New Canaan 2014 – Philip Johnson Glass House Online Store

Philip Johnson Library New Canaan, Candida Höfer |

Candida Höfer - Philip Johnson Library New Canaan, Photograph

Erin O'Connor in Paris, by Juergen Teller. Widely considered one of the most important photographers of his generation, Juergen Teller has maintain. Photography For Sale, Modern Photography, Glamour Photography, Portrait Photography, Fashion Photography, Paris Photography, Juergen Teller, Contemporary Artwork, Contemporary Fashion
Glamour PhotographyFashion Photography

Erin O'Connor in Paris, Juergen Teller |

Juergen Teller - Erin O'Connor in Paris, Photograph

Bodybuilder, by Duane Hanson.

Bodybuilder, Duane Hanson |

Duane Hanson - Bodybuilder, Photograph

Massimo Vitali biography and art for sale. Buy art at exclusive members only pricing at the leading online contemporary art marketplace.

Massimo Vitali | Artspace

Massimo Vitali - Mondello Paddle Boats, Photograph

Josef Hoflehner: Jet Airliner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Boeing Arriving from Amsterdam-Schiphol Commercial Plane, Boeing 747 400, Black And White Landscape, World Cities, Air Travel, Photo Art, Fighter Jets, Cool Pictures, Aircraft
Commercial PlaneAir TravelFighter JetsCool PicturesAircraft

Josef Hoflehner | Artspace

Josef Hoflehner - Jet Aireliner #70, KLM Royal Dutch, Photograph

Lynda Benglis biography and art for sale. Buy art at exclusive members only pricing at the leading online contemporary art marketplace.

Lynda Benglis | Artspace

Lynda Benglis - Rocket, Photograph

Basim Magdy, 'The Annual Migration of the Lonesome and the Regretful,' Art in General: Benefit Auction

Basim Magdy | Artspace

Basim Magdy - The Annual Migration of the Lonesome and the Regretful, Photograph