Greek Coffee!

Very, very Greek/Turkish kahve (coffee). Love it thick, when my spoon stands up in the cup!

Kαφενείο στη Σκόπελο ~ Kafeneio in Skopelos island Greece Art & Architecture

Kafeneio (Coffee Shop) in Skopelos, Greece-been there and loved it! Wish I could own one such lill place!

Destinations of Greece: Kimolos Island

Kimolos ( Κίμωλος) it is located North East of the island of Milos , separated by the strait of Kimolos , and more gene .

Two generations - Naxos, Kyklades

Two generations - Naxos, Kyklades, Greece

The famous greek cafe 'Loumidis' - Το καφεκοπτείον - καφενείον του Λουμίδη όπου υπήρχε το θρυλικό "Πατάρι του Λουμίδη".

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