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a rock sitting on top of a white surface
Rikako Nagashima — Tokyo, Japan
Rikako Nagashima — Tokyo, Japan
an image of a large rock with measurements on it's side and other details
Michael Heizer. Volumes of impermanence in Paris
an art installation in a white room with multiple colored objects hanging from the ceiling and on the ground
„Jeśli nie tutaj, gdzie?” Alicji Bielawskiej w Galerii Labirynt
Od lewej: „Konstelacja poranna” (II), 2016; „Punkty odniesienia (wersja odwrócona”, 2016; „Z nonszalancją odwracając na drugą stronę”, 2017; „Wywinięte na drugą stronę”, 2017; „Mufka na trapezie”, 2014
two pictures with different colored lines on the same piece of fabric, one is brown and green
Gauze Commission Piece, 54" x 60"; Morgan Clifford
an art gallery filled with lots of colorful objects
Keiichi Tanaami at Nanzuka, Tokyo
Keiichi Tanaami at Nanzuka, Tokyo | Contemporary Art Daily
a sculpture is standing in front of a painting on the wall and another piece has been placed next to it
IDA EKBLAD-Step Motherfucker-2017 - Galerie Max Hetzler
IDA EKBLAD - Galerie Max Hetzler