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a hand holding a magnifying glass with the words recommended tools for rockhounding
Recommended Dichroscopes, Hand Lens, and UV Lamps for Rockhounding
If you are passionate about rockhounding, some tools can really be helpful to elevate your hobby to the next level. Using some tools and supplies can help you find and identify the geological treasures.
the top five best tools to cut rocks with text overlay that reads 5 best tools to cut rocks
The Best 5 Tools To Cut Rocks
Stone cutting is an important step in the lapidary process. Gem-cutters, or lapidaries, cut rocks to make or collect jewelry. Rockhounds are also interested in scraping rocks to discover interesting things like fossils or the rock’s inner layers. So, what can you use to cut rocks? #RockCuttingTools #StoneCutting #RockCutting #DIYStonework
a purple helmet is shown with the visor open and it's light on
Black Diamond Women's Capitan Climbing Helmet Mulberry S/M
Engineered to handle its namesake big wall the women's Black Diamond Capitan climbing helmet is updated with more coverage on the sides and back while keeping its cradle-fit for all-day comfort.
three pieces of metal and black leather on a white surface with the words kruss printed on it
A folding magnifier in a metal case
Kruss loupe
the ultimate guide to rock hammers
6 Best Rock Hammers: Plus 17 Pro Rock Hammer Tips
a hammer with the words 17 rock hammer tips and techniques
A Must Have For Every Rockhound!
two pictures side by side one with rocks and the other with tools in it's hands
Tools To Take Rockhounding: Ultimate Guide
Are you wondering what kind of rockhounding tools to take with you rock collecting? This list of rockhounding tools and equipment will go over all the basics that you'll need.
there is a hammer stuck in the rock
The Ultimate Guide To Rockhounding Tools and Supplies
The Ultimate Guide To Rockhounding Tools and Supplies
a person holding a camera with the text 9 rockhounding tools you need
The Ultimate Guide To Rockhounding Tools and Supplies
a hammer laying on the ground with a wooden handle
Geological Hammers | Geology In