Nice outfit

white and brown "I really love the color concepts, also the earthy tones and also the pants to offsets an really ties in the whole look" I could do without the scarf though.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan for People Magazine

I fell in love with him as Denny Duquette on Grey's. Again as Papa Winchester on Supernatural. And of course, the amazing William on P. Now as Negan on TWD.


I can't even tell you how perfect this guy is! The hat! The camera! The Shirt! The jeans! The Converse! The camera! The tattoo! The face!

Zac Effron nailed the perfect casual menswear look

Zac Effron nailed the perfect casual menswear look. Outfit: Navy V-neck Shirt, Classic Black Leather Jacket, Grey & Wine Plaid Scarf, Jeans, Suede Taupe/Grey Shoes.

mxm men

Another Christian wannabe - Peter Argue. , this guy fits the bill. He is hoooot!