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Paros Island photos

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Paros island, Greece, is located in central cyclades. It's one of the most beautiful islands in Mediterranean and it is visited by hundreds of thousands tourists from all over the world.

Παναγία Εκατονταπυλιανή

Panagia #Ekatontapiliani church in #Parikia, #Paros

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Piso Livadi village is located at the east part of #Paros island. If you visit it, don't miss the seafood!

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Cave Of Antiparos

It doesn't matter how many times you see it, stalagmites and stalactites in #Antiparos #island #cave will always take your breath away!

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Lefkes (Λεύκες)

One of the most graphical mountain villages of #Paros, #Lefkes Village.

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In #Paros island, at almost every coastal settlement, you will come across small fishing ports, a place to rest for the traditional fishing boats - Kaiki.

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Paroikia (Παροικιά)

One of our windmills in #Parikia, #Paros. You will see windmills like this one in almost every part of our island.

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#Paros island, #Greece. Water Sports.

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Association of Tourist Accommodation in Paros & Antiparos "Manto Mavrogenous" - Google+

Paros island has a variety of mountain as well as coastal villages.