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a person cutting up an apple on top of a wooden cutting board
Perfect Vegetable Slicer
Factory Direct Shipping Shipping Times: 10-15 Days Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools Brand Name: lemon slicer Material: Plastic Feature: Eco-Friendly Certification: CE / EU Plastic Type: PC Fruit & Vegeta
several different types of food are shown on the table
Lunch in Style with the Prepd Pack Lunchbox - GetdatGadget
Prepd Pack - The lunchbox reimagined.
two people are washing their hands with soap in the sink, and one person is holding an empty bottle
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Brilliant! More
a woman is holding some material in one hand and the other half of her shirt : Gadget - 3 Étoiles & Plus / Accessoires IT : Informatique
Sheldon!! Miracle Shirt Laundry Folder // Want it. Need it! Achieves the perfect folded shirt every time!.. #product_design #gadget #bigbangtheory
an iphone is plugged in to a charging station on a wooden table with a black wall behind it
This item is unavailable | Etsy
A personal favourite from my Etsy shop
a piece of wood that is laying on the floor with an electrical outlet in it
Start A Fire
I like this, much smoother than those circular brass things you see in commercial settings and schools and such
this is a collage of photos showing how to cut vegetables with a grater
Vegetable Cutter White and Green Fruit & Vegetable Tools Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
Practical Fruit Vegetable Cutter Kit // 5PCS
four different colored cords connected to an open laptop
amandaj on imgfave
one of the best inventions ever!
two pictures side by side one with food being cooked and the other is cooking in a skillet
Snap on strainer spout - fits on any pan to drain off liquid, and doubles as an over the pot spoon holder #brilliant #kitchen #gadget
four different colored bowls with spoons and food in them on a plate next to the same bowl
These assorted dip clips easily cling to the rim of your plate and allow to serve veggies or fries with a filled mini bowl ketchup, condiments, dips or sauce. It works with any plate, including paper plates. Price $7.99 (set of 4)
a person cutting carrots with a knife on top of a wooden table next to sliced cucumbers
Plastic Finger Proctor Knife Guard Thermal Plastic Kitchen Tool Non Slip Silicone Sale, Price & Reviews | Gearbest
Safe Slice Knife Guard: Avoid Accidents, Increase Speed, and Improve Accuracy. Get Professional Results Without Professional Ability.
two pictures showing how to cut green peppers on a cutting board with the words digital weighing cutting board
10 UTENSÍLIOS que você ADORARIA ter na sua COZINHA!
A cutting board that weighs…holy awesomeness, Batman!