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.∙∘✧ᴵ'ᴹ 1ˢᵀ ᴼᶠ ᴹᵞ ᴷᴵᴺᴰ ᴬᴺᴰ ᴼᵁᵀ ᴼᶠ ᴹᵞ ᴹᴵᴺᴰ✧∘∙.

cool concept for public art: sign with button that says "press to reset your day, ta-dah! now your day is better-turn around and face the world with new bravery.

Ouça o seu coração! ❤

I disagree with this "listen to your heart" post. I don't always listen to my heart because my heart/desires are so foolish sometimes and can lead me into dumb things. Mind always has to be in control. That's why I pray, read, and learn a lot!