Atanasova Vesela

Atanasova Vesela

Atanasova Vesela
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She's a snow fairy. If she's in fairy land but she's out in our winter, then the snow flakes would be bigger. Her dress looks like the color of snow. She's very pretty, especially with the background.

Chorus by Nene Thomas

Chorus ~ Nene Thomas -There's an old folktale about a girl named Snowflake, who was born from the snow when a man and woman, advanced in age, prayed for a child. It's really a very sweet story, but a little sad.

May the first day of spring be filled with new beginnings and many blessings ♥

JOSEPHINE WALL Honeysuckle - Tender trumpets of sweetest honey wind their vines up garden walls, sharing their essence with birds and bees, bringing contentment to one and all

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Magical Day [woman in golden princess dress with silvery fairy wings surrounded by butterflies and birds and fields of flowers]