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Professional coffee drinker, Art enthusiast and blogger suffering from an extreme case of wanderlust.
Athina K
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Small Tattoo by Ahmet Cambaz

Cute Black and White Tattoos by Ahmet Cambaz Ahmet Cambaz, tattoo artist from Istanbul, is all about minimal, micro style tattoo that will melt your heart with its cuteness.

Want it as a tattoo and a little feather under the cage

I have this on my upper hip, on the side. I decided to get it a few days before the choosing ceremony because I was sure I was going to leave my home faction, so a bird flying away seemed appropriate.

Pekingese art - dog art print of origami design

Pekingese art dog art print of origami by SteveConnellArtworks

unique Geometric Tattoo -  ...

dorka-in-a-fairy-tale: I’m seriously considering getting the “create” and the “transcend” triangles as tattoos on my knuckles.but I will wait at least one year, just to make sure that I’m not high on symbolism or it isn’t just another wild idea of mine.