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Сохранённые фотографии – 884 фотографии

Сохранённые фотографии – 884 фотографии

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Came from the slave days, and was considered a medical disease which needed curing if a slave was wanting to escape. So, metaphorically speaking, this word can be used as a noun if you feel trapped and ache for escape. on Travel quotes quotes

Super cute idea...maybe for 3 Cheers Journey?

A fun round up of pine cone animal crafts that are perfect for summer camp crafts, and nature walk crafts. Two of them can be made with just a pine cone and felt, so simple with cute results.

How to stay motivated, whatever your goal in life is, however small. Try & Perseverance

Everyone sets out to achieve a goal with sincere and deliberate intentions, however, along the journey it is easy for confidence to get knocked and motivation to fall – leading us more often than not to miss the target we have aimed for.