Athina Devi
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Avant/après : Elodie rénove la chambre d'amis
mexican style  tile archways  | Summer 2009 | World White Webb Design Log | White Webb, LLC
Hacienda Style Kitchen. I especially like the interior color of the cabinet!
love it!
This gorgeous bohemian vintage banjara tapestry has gone to its forever home in the United States! So beautiful & so big! Buuut @richclassdecor has loads more of these beauties up for grabs & for TODAY ONLY, you can use the code: "LABOHEME" & get an extra $25 smackers off the price! Postage included worldwide! Give the man a follow @richclassdecor, he's got some fire in his store & these bohemian vintage banjara wall hangings are the absolute business! Wh...
Love these jewel-tone colors! Nook idea.
Dream catcher decor over bed or headboard , bohemian hype bedroom
via Instagram @Clubboho
Cute and girly
Canopy materials/textiles. Bohemian