Seafront of Thessaloniki, Greece

by Manthos Tsakiridis

Aristotle Square, Thessaloniki, Greece

7 more weeks Aristotle Square, Thessaloniki, Greece

The Red House, Aghias Sophias street, Thessaloniki

Explore Macedonia: The Red House, Thessaloniki, Greece

Wonderful Thessaloniki

Wonderful Thessaloniki (where I was born)

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You have to go through SKG airport in Thessaloniki to get to the Cassandra peninsula.

The White Tower by night,Thessaloniki Greece

Vernal Equinox in Thessaloniki, Greece - Earth Science Picture of the Day

Greek Presidential Guard in Thessaloniki, Greece

Also known as Evzones. Used to be historical elite light infantry & mountain units of the Greek Army.they are fun to watch when they change the guard!

Alexander the Great of #Macedonia ancient Kingdom of Greece. Thessaloniki Statue #sharemacedonia #macedonia2014

Alexander the Great, Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece

Thessaloniki. Greece

all the beauty things.

Thessaloniki by night, Greece

This is my Greece

Μία πόλη ΕΡΩΤΑΣ.

✈️Smells like Greek spirit julyy 🌈✈️🚣🌅🚆🌻



photo_edit: Katerina Triantafillidou place:Valaoritou str,Thessaloniki.

photo_edit: Katerina Triantafillidou place:Valaoritou str,Thessaloniki.

Absolut Thessaloniki

Absolut Thessaloniki - Ad Aerial View of Thessaloniki Greece

#Salonicco #Grecia #Greece #Ελλαδα #σπιτι #θεσσαλονικη

#Salonicco #Grecia #Greece #Ελλαδα #σπιτι #θεσσαλονικη