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a yellow and white crocheted blanket with red flowers on it sitting in front of a window
Natalia Kononova on Instagram: "Check out this gorgeous Giraffe blanket in baby size finished by our pattern support group member Christine Thatcher! This blanket can also be a tapestry on your wall! ;) Pattern is at via link in bio, Home Decor page. #outstandingcrochet #crochetblanket #crochettapestry #crochetpattern #crochet #crochetaddicted #mosaiccrochet #overlaymosaiccrochet"
two crocheted giraffes with the text free crochet pattern
Giraffe Appliques - Free crochet pattern
Giraffe Appliques | Free crochet pattern | Crochet blanket | Baby Blanket | Giraffe crochet
a crocheted baby blanket with a giraffe face on the front and side
Unique Baby Blanket With A Crochet Giraffe Design - NitCraft
knitted hats and scarves for the best of 2018
Whistle and Ivy Top Crochet Patterns of 2018 - Whistle and Ivy
The most loved crochet patterns on Whistle and Ivy from 2018! Find some favorite crochet hats, a snugly plaid cowl and more. Enjoy these beloved patterns!
crocheted baby booties and hat patterns
Best Baby Patterns - Craft Evangelist
Adorable crochet pattern set for baby hat and booties. I love the cute button closure for the booties! Also, they look really practical, like they would open right up and be easy to put on! Looks like a simple, easy crochet pattern evven a beginner could handle! Check out all of craft evangelist's baby pattern finds!
crocheted baby boot patterns to crochet
Baby Booties - Craft Evangelist
Baby Booties