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the cover of growing pumpkins
How to Grow Pumpkins
Growing pumpkins in your garden provides a delightful harvest that can be used to carve jack-o-lanterns or to put a harvest on the table. It’s a staple crop that can last well into the winter with little effort.
growing rhubarb in the garden with text overlay that reads growing rhubarb
How to Grow Rhubarb – the Plant that Keeps on Giving
Growing rhubarb in the home garden offers an annual harvest from a pretty, somewhat tropical-looking perennial. Plant some now and it will produce for years. Decades, even!
pink penstemon flowers on a tall stalk.
Growing Penstemon for Pollinators
Plant penstemons in your perennial pollinator garden, they’ll add beauty and will attract many pollinators. These plants are easy to care for, low maintenance, and great for drought conditions. Also known as “beardtongue,” these pretty plants have a unique look and are a nice addition to any yard. Just ask the bees!
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden table with the words growing stevia above it
How to Grow Stevia
Growing stevia is a way to produce some of your own natural sweetener (it’s calorie free!). Plus, the stevia plant is easy to grow and makes a pretty addition to your herb or edible front yard garden.
wooden utensils and combs with the title 20 + ways to use less plastic
Single Use Plastic: 20+ Easy Ways to Reduce Your Plastic Waste
As recycling plastic becomes more and more difficult, we need to figure out how to reduce the amount of plastic that comes into our homes. Take some of these ideas to heart!
a red planter filled with green grass and the words growing fodder for your flock
Growing Fodder for Livestock & Poultry to Cut Feed Costs
Ready to cut your animal feed costs substantially? Learn how to grow fodder for chickens and other livestock! Whole grains like oats, wheat, or barley make for an easy way to provide fresh greens to your flock.
apricot preserves recipe in a jar with spoon
Canning Apricot Preserves
These apricot preserves allow the flavor of fresh apricots to shine. With a thicker consistency than jam, these preserves retain bite sized pieces of fruit. Make it a regular addition to your breakfast table!
canning grapes in jars with text overlay
Canning the Best Part of the Fruit Cocktail!
Canning grapes is an easy way to preserve them. Stock your pantry and add them to fruit or chicken salads all year long. Choose seedless grapes for the best results.
two chickens walking through the grass with text that reads, put your chickens to work
5 Ways to Put Your Backyard Hens to Work in the Garden For You
Raising chickens is great fun and they give you eggs. Egg layers in and of themselves are a great addition to any homestead, large or small. And is there anything better than fresh eggs? But what if, in addition to the eggs, your backyard chickens could provide an extra hand (or foot, as it were) in your gardening efforts?
the words stone fruit 101 are in front of an image of apples and peaches
Your Guide to Stone Fruit Like Peaches, Nectarines, Cherries, & Plums
Stone fruits are synonymous with sunshine and summer days. Most varieties have a brief harvest window that makes them a rare treat to enjoy while you can. Whether it’s a juicy fresh plum, peach cobbler, or cherry pie, stone fruits are invaluable in the seasonal kitchen.
a butterfly sitting on top of a flower with the words how to grow milkweed for butterflies
Growing Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies
Despite the “weed” in its name, milkweed is a valuable native wildflower for gardeners and conservationists alike. Consider growing milkweed to encourage butterflies to take up residence in your garden! The monarch butterflies will thank you.
beets with the title growing beets over them on a white wooden surface, surrounded by greens
How to Grow Fresh Beets in Your Organic Veggie Garden
Growing beets in your garden will net a delicious harvest; the flavor of fresh beets outranks the canned version by leaps and bounds.
three jars filled with food sitting on top of a counter next to each other and the words, watermelon kind relish
Zucchini Relish Recipe for Canning
This zucchini relish recipe is a favorite around here. It’s good on burgers and hot dogs, but excellent for mixing into potato salad, tuna salad, or egg salad for an extra burst of flavor, too.
growing grains in a small garden with text overlay that reads growing grains in a small garden
Growing Amaranth and Other Grains - Attainable Sustainable®
While most gardeners are adept at growing vegetables, the idea of planting grain in the home garden isn’t one that many consider. Read on to learn more about growing amaranth plants, sorghum, and buckwheat in your garden.
the cover of gardening tips and tricks for beginners, with flowers in the background
Gardening Tips to Save You Time and Money -- Try these Hacks!
Vegetable gardening has become a favorite pastime for many and a way to produce a harvest for the table and the pantry. One thing that any gardener will tell you is that there is always something new to learn. Check out these tips for gardening with an eye on the budget.