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the silhouettes of witches are shown in black and white
an intricately designed wooden clock is hanging on the wall
Wayang Kulit Traditional Culture
Wayang mom used to talk about watching these when she was younger
an image of african art on display in a museum
Indonesian Shadow puppets
a paper cut out of a house with trees and animals in the front, on a white background
Félicitations ! Votre domaine a bien été créé chez OVH !
the shadow of a person standing in front of a curtain with birds flying over it
Teatro de sombras
a drawing of a man with a beard and mustache wearing an orange outfit holding a box
Shadow Theatre, Karagoz, Kagithane Sefasi, Imam (Prayer Leader)
an intricately designed metal sculpture is hanging on the wall
heavy duty cardboard; paint; scissors; something to punch holes through the card; Procedure Trace puppet outline using template on a piece of cardboard.Mark in major lines using a felt pen. Punch holes along all lines to create dimension. Make arm segments and join using wing clips.Attach to the body using wing clips.Attach pieces of rod to the hands to manipulate the arms. Attach a thicker rod or to the length of the puppet body with sufficient length at the bottom so the hand is out of si...
a black and white photo of a clock with a skeleton on it's face
Project #1 Cutout Animation
Shadow puppets have been used by many Eastern and Western cultures to tell their stories. This is an example of a finely cut Wayang Kulit puppet from Java, Indonesia. It is made from buffalo skin with rods made from cow horns.
the shadow of a man holding a woman's head on top of a metal pole
Su Owen: Shadow Puppet //