VISIT GREECE| Souda Fort ,#Souda bay #Chania #Crete #Greece

Elounta or Elouda, a small fishing town on the northern coast of Crete, Greece - Travel Europe Guide

VISIT GREECE| In Greece—between the Peloponnese, Macedonia, and the shores of Crete, welcoming people, seductively simple food, and unforgettable Greek wines.

Greece: Europe’s Newest Wine Country

VISIT GREECE| Plunge pool overlooking the caldera on Santorini, Greek Islands.

The hottest new rentals in Europe

Dreams Luxury Suites in Greece, member of the Aqua Vista Hotels Group, is making big news – and not only due to its stunning panoramic views over Santorini.

VISIT GREECE| Kalymnos Island, Greece

Red domes of Agios Savvas Monastery, Pothia, Kalymnos Island, Dodecanese, Greece by Marie Therese Magnan

VISIT GREECE| Vinsanto #wine, a #product coming from #Santorini

Vinsanto: "Santorini’s sweet white wine or “ambrosia of the gods”?

VISIT GREECE| Avgotaraho or bottargo is one of the few seafood products with a PDO (Protected Designation of Origin), a delicacy coming from the mass of eggs of the female grey mullet. Amber in colour, delicious in taste and unique in aroma, it is deservedly regarded as one of the most gourmet gastronomic choices when it comes to seafood.

Traditional Greek cuisine… a total based on the pure products from Greek Mother Nature to form a balanced nutritional model that can ensure a better quality of life and physical health.