these people are insane
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so basically i

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chinken nunget

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mom come pick me up im scared

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lol what. First, Why were you still up at midnight? (NVM you're a night blogger) Second, why didn't you eat the chicken strip? Third, CAN I JOIN YOUR FAMILY?!! ~Aki


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i dont know what the fuck this is

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hate and rage and spite and anger

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the tweet is being displayed for everyone to know what they're doing
I thought this was going to be a metaphor about how kindness can pierce even the toughest of exteriors but I think I like this more.
the new york times has been changed to include an ad for hotdogs and hot dogs
the tweets are being used to describe what they're doing on twitter
a man in white shirt and black pants standing next to an image of the famous painting
Tumblr posts
a man standing in front of a whiteboard with two snakes on it and another person pointing
50 Times People Saw Hilarious Puns And Just Had To Share Them On This Dedicated Online Group
an octopus is sitting on the ground with its head turned to look like it's floating