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Find serenity at Plaka, Pelion   http://www.cycladia.com/blog/tourism-insight/pelion-the-mythical-mountainscape
Xoreuto Beach! Pelion, Greece
Pelion Rocks, Greece
Mountain Pelion's natural springs...   http://www.cycladia.com/blog/tourism-insight/pelion-the-mythical-mountainscape
Mount Pelion forms a hooklike peninsula between the Pagasetic Gulf and the Aegean Sea that is full of rocky formations that end in open caverns. This split shot was taken on a midday dive with the sun lighting the opening and the diver floating in shallow water.
Volos by night...
St. Konstantinos, the protector saint of Volos.
Volos, Greece
The city of Volos (Magnesia pref.) Greece
Pelio is the mountain above the city Volos in mainland Greece. It's called the mountain of four seasons because tou can go on holidays there all year long.You can go swimming at its  breathtaking beaches in the summer, go hiking, or horse riding up in the mountain and even go skiing in the winter. Its def my fav place in all of Greece and visit it at least once a year.