Greek quote

don't make promises when you are happy . don't say a word when you are angry and make up your mind when you are sad !

...άλλα ειν'εκείνα π'αγαπώ, γι'αλλού ξεκίνησα.

...άλλα ειν'εκείνα π'αγαπώ, γι'αλλού ξεκίνησα.

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From us will depend   the final result, from us will depend   the hell and paradise will build ...  Our destiny is in our hands...  Odysseas Elytis

I will always mourn -- do you hear me? -- for you, alone,in heaven The Fate will turn away the furrows of The palm,like the keeper of the keys Sometime the Time will consent How else,since people are loved.

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Ο Θανάσης Βέγγος πέθανε στις 3 Μαΐου 2011.

Happiness is no more than two hands that will hold, hug and finally shut your eyes - Thanassis Veggos, Greek actor

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