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Bachoudaki Valanti

Bachoudaki Valanti
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Nammos is the playground of the rich and famous on the Greek island of Mykonos. Here's a look at a day (and night) partying like a rock star.

Nammos restaurant by the sea is so much more then just a place to eat some amazing food at watch beautiful international travelers bronze their skin.

My version is that you get a big map of the world, or United States and you throw darts at it. It's more of a family project, or if you like to travel. Wherever the dart lands, that's the next place you visit. It's all about being spontaneous. I was inspired by a Mary-Kate & Ashley movie from when I was a kid, and it just stuck.

black map with colored pins.pinned onto a cork board. I would use tissue paper or colored tape or even parts of postcards/maps from each place and cover each state/country I visit so by the end the whole map is covered in different colors and papers