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Nick Beige

I love trivia information so much. The wiki network is a blessing.
Nick Beige
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Another creature piece I did for Wizards of the Coast recently, for their online Dungeon magazine." Ripper of Legend

Orange stuff

A somewhat common alchemical concoction, Alchemists Fire explodes when violently disturbed and can be difficult to extinguish.

Dungeons & Dragons: Past, Present, and Future: The Royal Museum of D&D Memes

I dont understand people who hate green day? I mean their good people, they actually love their fans endlessly, and they have every meaningful music. Well all i can say all the haters have a very sad life too bad for them

Sacrifice, Mateusz Lenart on ArtStation at

Size Ratio to Helena and how big she was in her past life. or How large the last dragon is. Sacrifice, Mateusz Lenart on ArtStation at…

Nothic in the Redbrand lair

One of the first creatures developed from the Death Kiss, a Nothic is a relatively stupid creature with a powerful psionic eye ray that can see through walls and accelerate the natural aging process of alien flesh, forcing it to decay