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the words live aquarium, wecams for kids and pictures of sea animals in water
10 Live Aquarium Webcams For Kids
a glass filled with whipped cream on top of a wooden table
Tips to help kids beat weekend brain drain
Pencil dispenser at Beauty from Ash’s
a sidewalk with chalk drawings on it
Montessori-Inspired Solar System Unit
two yellow clocks sitting on top of a wooden table next to dices and paper
Rush Hour Game - How to TEACH Kids How to Tell Time! -
an outdoor solar oven with the words make your own solar oven
Make Your Own Solar Oven
Make Your Own Solar Oven Tutorial! What a easy, thrifty, fun activity. This would be perfect for a lesson on predicting!
there are four bottles stacked on top of each other with labels attached to the lids
Ocean Zones for Kids: Marine Life & Sea Layers
a collage of pictures showing how to make an easy and fun pumping heart model
Easy Heart Pump Model: Cardiovascular STEM for Kids - Team Cartwright
Want to help your kids understand more about how the human heart works? Make this simple heart model that really pumps 'blood'! Wow your kids with this easy science experiment. #STEMActivity #ScienceActivity #Cardiovascular #Anatomy #HeartPump #HeartModel Team-Cartwright.com
a book about the skeletal system is shown with an image of a skeleton holding a pencil
Mi cuerpo por dentro - Susurros y otras cositas calladas
La columna vertebral
a person holding up a hand made out of paper with green and yellow pens on it
How do Hands Work - Human Body Muscles for Kids Project
a recipe for a body poster with instructions on how to use it
November Bulletin Boards - Bulletin Board Ideas