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the words vacuous are written in black and white
a woman with long blonde hair wearing a brown dress and smiling at the camera text reads, sugar and spice if you describe someone, especially, especially
Idiom - Sugar and spice
e.g. - She could be all sugar and spice when she wanted to be. #idiom #sugarandspice #englishwithdev
Abhor Synonym
a blue sky with the words'foble weakness '
there is a blue background with the words throngd in black on top of it
When the wrong person where's a thong
the words abuure disagree written in black on a blue watercolor background
a black and white photo with the words do it
Word Wall. A collection of words and definitions. Arming you with countless ways to describe the world you live in.
an orange background with the words fink on and some information about someone in it
someone holding their hands up in the air with the sun setting behind them and text that reads, attenulate to make something weather less effective
a city street at night with the words quell on it and an image of a manhole
a pink and blue background with the words jaunt short journey trip written in black