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A Glimpse of Armistice Day in London, 1918

The crowd gathered outside the Stock Exchange and the Bank of England in London after the announcement of the Armistice on November 1918

London, Forest Gate, Romford Road in the 1900's.jpg (900×588)

London, Forest Gate, Romford Road in the

Fires over the East End and the Docks seen from the the London Bridge, 7 September 1940

The first mass air raid on London, September 7 , showing the scene in London's dock area as Tower Bridge stands out against a background of smoke and fires.

St. Paul's Cathedral, London Blitz, 1940.

Flames and smoke surround the dome of St. Paul's Cathedral which was left unscathed during the start of a German incendiary bomb 'blitz' on London, December 1940 Picture: AP Photo/Daily Mail, Herbert Mason