Βασιλικη Κκκ
Βασιλικη Κκκ
Βασιλικη Κκκ

Βασιλικη Κκκ

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I like artsy photos :p

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Bucket list, before i die ♥ I could always need this haha;)

Before I’m too old

Before I Die Bucket Lists | before i die, bucket list, photography, quote - inspiring picture on ...

bucket list before i die - Buscar con Google

My Bucket List - Before I Die I Want To... Work with orphans anywhere

And inspire them to do some good in the world:D

say yes to everything for a full day | Bucket list | Before I Die

Take a Picture Under The Las Vegas Sign. i have been to Vegas at least 10 and I have passed the sign 20. I better get a picture #Bucket list #Before I Die

I've started this before and I never finished it. I believe my life should be a movie, so, why not write my own book about it?

bucket list before i die! I will do that the next time it rains

Definitely working on this, I've made some mistakes, but I'm proud of where I'm going.