If only women really embraced that statement!  #banksy #art

BANKSY By now, we all probably know the political activist, graffiti artist, and film director who works under the pseudonym Banksy. Starting as an underground graffiti artist in Bristol, Banksy’s art.

(banksy) This expression meaning majority of the "famous" people or "well-known" people in this generation have no talent but mainly laughed at because of their stupidity

Stop making stupid people famous. Better yet, Stop making stupid people govt employees (ya know . president, congress, senate etc)

Bansky street art - Dreaming is my religion

Bansky street art - Dreaming is my religion blehh i don't like stencil graffiti but dis cute.

Banksy's Latest Work Protests Violence Against Syrian Children

Banksy's Latest Work Protests Violence Against Syrian Children

Would you barcode your baby?

Is a ‘human barcode’ on the way?

evolution with a bar code . "this is our future evolution people"

You die twice.

"They say you die twice. Once when you stop breathing and a second time, a bit later on, when somebody says your name for the last time" - Banksy This is why all the truly great artists and thinkers are immortal.

Banksy by Nick Stern

Mais arte de Banksy no mundo real (11 fotos

“You are not Banksy” recreates Banksy street art in real life by internationally acclaimed photographer Nick Stern.

Kijk nu zelf: wat zie je in de voorstelling en wat kun je zeggen over de vormgeving van dit kunstwerk?

I want to watch Tom & Jerry cartoons whenever I see this Street Art. Very funny!


Canadian artist JULY i creates stencil street art to comment on various environmental and social issues plaguing our society, from pollution to poaching.