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two jellyfish swimming next to each other in the ocean with caption mom?
Art by Serena Brancati
the shark is in the water with its mouth open
They need to remake Jaws with a hippo instead
a blue background with a quote from robert swar about the planet and its environment
4ocean | The Global Movement to Reduce Plastic + Trash in Our Oceans
there is no wifi in the forest but you will find a better connection
There's no wifi in the forest but....
a person standing next to a giant tree in the forest with words written on it
The world I want to live in - FunSubstance
the sun shining through trees with a quote about nature
Internal Alchemy (@TheInnerAlchemy) on X
a deer crossing the street in front of a sign that says, las cosas no son sempre como parecen
a quote from dr guy mcpherrson on money and the environment is more important than the environment, try holding your breath while you count your money
Saving the World, Amazing Practices | Shoplet
Saving the World, Amazing Practices | Shoplet
two pictures with people in canoes and trash on the ground, one is throwing plastic bottles
I’ll Take Uncivilized FOREVER Alex
So, who is really uncivilized?
a painting of a man falling from a factory chimney
a tree with an umbrella attached to it's trunk and the words protect los bosques son el paraclus climatico de neustro planeta
i-rena: ...εξουδετερώνουν επιβλαβείς για τον άνθρωπο ουσίε...
there's no way to protect the ocean from plastic debris and other marine creatures
Be aware of the consequences of your actions.
a poster with the words problem and solution written in black on a beige background that says,
graffiti on the side of a building with a rabbit holding a sign that says, the earth isn't dying it's being killed and those who are killing it have names and address
X. It’s what’s happening
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