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Keel-Billed Toucan

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Andean Cock-Of-The Rock

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Just beautiful

Green-winged Macaws

I shot this handheld, braced against a wiggly rope bridge. I must have taken at least 25 shots to get one free of blur, and with the parrots in a good pose. The exif shows just how close to the D1x's limits I was with this one. I've noticed that mirror slap becomes a problem at speeds around 1/60th of a second when using the 80-200 f2.8. Setting anti-mirror-shock mode on helps eliminate that, but there's a significant blackout time between mirror up and the shutter firing. There's a fair bit…

Snuggling cordon bleu finch pair • original source not found

cordon bleu finches description,

Gruppo di specie: Cordon Bleus e Granatieri Altro nome (s): Blu Waxbill; Blue-breasted Cordon Bleu Finch; Angolano Cordon Bleu Nome scientifico: Uraeginthus angolensis Lunghezza: 12,5 cm Vita media: 8 anni Periodo di incubazione: 12 giorni Abilità di volo: dopo 21 giorni. Appearance Details: The Cordon Bleu Finch is a stunning little gem that may sometimes be overlooked because there are actually three closely related species that casual hobbyists may simply call “Cordon Bleus”. The adult…