Napoleon Bonaparte was a military general who became the first emperor of France. His drive for military expansion changed the world.

George Washington

Very True, we have spineless pussies running this government now though, with BO the most worthless, useless president EVER!


Hippodamus BC - 408 BC) Pioneer of urban planning

F. Roosevelt

The Debauchery of the Public Mind and Conscience: Teddy Roosevelt vs. Fox News

Winston Churchil

Today in 1940 the UK got a new Prime Minister. Some guy called Winston Churchill.

General Robert E. Lee

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Alexander the great

Alexander the great of Macedonia, the establisher of the era to be called HELLENISM, after Athenians had him poisoned and his empire divided among other MACEDONIAN rulers

Admiral nelson

The British Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson who joined the navy at the age of 12 and…


Full: Front Marble portrait bust: Pericles wearing a helmet pushed back on his head. A Roman copy of an earlier Greek original. The name is inscribed in Greek.

General montgomery

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