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Decor tips & inspiration for your homes

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The best drapes for your rooms

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Pepper your home with cushions, and lots of them! Get covers in bright popping colours such as pinks and oranges in floral or geometric prints. Photography by Pulkit Sehgal
Bring some life into the interiors with shiny, metallic accessories. And no, these don’t just have to be showpieces – invest in brass planters that double up as centerpieces for your dinner as well as centre tables. Image courtesy, Audenza
Soft furnishings and linen are an easy way of introducing some colour in the house. For the bedroom too, you can pick sheets and duvets in bright, vibrant tones to offset the grey monsoon pall. Image courtesy, Linenhouse

Vibrant room colour ideas for a brighter monsoon season

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Saffron is one of the most valued ingredients in the country not just for its flavour or colouring but, most importantly, for being an antioxidant with several health benefits. On the other hand, chia seeds are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, fibre, calcium and phosphorus and are low on calories.”
Curry leaf gets its distinctive flavour as it’s a vitamin- and mineral-rich ingredient. Its known for being the antidote to digestive problems, a common occurrence in the summer.
Basil fortifies the digestive and nervous systems, while also being beneficial for the skin. Aloe vera hydrates the body and prevents heat strokes; it also keeps skin healthy due to its nutritional qualities.

Homemade coolers for a delicious, nutritious summer

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The ever reliable gaddas are a fuss free and cheap option. Image Courtesy, Home Artisan
An extra-wide windowsill can always turn into a great sleeping area. Photography by Prachi Damle
Place a downy quilt or featherbed on top of the futon mattress for the guests so that they can sleep in comfort. Image Courtesy, GoodMood Photo/Shutterstock

Extra Sleeping Arrangements

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Looking for inspiration and ideas to design and decorate your new living quarters? Are you tired of the current design of your bedroom and are looking to spruce things up? Whatever be the case, we've got you covered! Click the link to know more! Written by Editors, Beautiful Homes
These DIY bookends are as intriguing as the pages of your favourite book
A cheap and chic side table in 5 simple steps

DIY Ideas

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Pair interesting lighting elements with hints of green along the passageway leading to the terrace. This will not only set the mood but also give a hint of things to come. Image courtesy, IKEA
Just like a buffet for food, create a self-service bar with mixers, condiments and garnishes for cocktails so your guests can pick and experiment with their drinks. Image courtesy, Melissa Hom for Saxon and Parole
Use a mix of candle stands and votives to create a soft mood. Image courtesy, IKEA

Terrace Decorating Ideas

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A warm and cozy space to come home to during the winters is the dream and although this can be challenging at times, we bring to you some simple tricks that can make your space winter ready. With minimal additions such as wooden floors, quirky candles, neon signs, faux fur throws, dark rugs, warm lighting and much more, the possibilities are endless.
A good idea is to place a loose tarpaulin over the deck to avoid moisture getting into the cracks and warping the boards. Image courtesy, Ikea
To keep your outdoor deck safe in winter start out by doing a clean sweep of everything. Put your furniture, BBQ gear etc into storage and then do a thorough dusting of the entire space. Image courtesy, Ikea

Winter Decor Ideas

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If you are a maximalist like me, then bring in all that you have. Hanging diyas, lanterns, statues, etc. Layer it in varying heights and you have got yourself, a one of a kind display for the festive season. Image courtesy, Sruthi Singh
Style your coffee table with a mix of books, an earthy coloured vase with flowers, and colourful votives. Create a point of visual interest by placing antique, brass puja elements. Image courtesy, Sruthi Singh
Floating flowers are a no-brainer on any festive occasion. But instead of the traditional urli, why not float flaming red Gerberas in a brass thali and place an idol/statue for added visual interest! Image courtesy, Sruthi Singh

Diwali decoration ideas

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Festive Decor Ideas

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Geometrical shapes and stark silhouettes offset by plush padding is a defining characteristic of furniture from this era. Another important aspect of mid-century modern is use of mixed materials such as wood, plastic, brass, etc – all of which are brought together harmoniously. Image courtesy, Covet House
Cane furniture is also closely associated with mid-century modern. When creating such a space, skip the Scandinavian-esque light woods such as ash and beech for warmer teak and rosewood. Image courtesy, Debenhams
Form and function are the cornerstones of mid-century design. This dark wood console with straight lines and non-embellished design, coupled with the simplistic knobs is a prime example of mid-century modern design. Image courtesy, Ira Gosalia phxindia for We Design Studio

Mid-century modern living room ideas

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To break the mattifying effect of pastel walls, opt for velvet upholstery for a shimmering effect. Pair this with translucent glass accessories to glam up your pastel coloured living room. Image courtesy, norsu interiors
Slather pastel hues on your walls for a candy-coloured abode. Complete the look with pastel coloured upholstery in velvet for a slight sheen, porcelain accessories and matching rugs. Image courtesy, Furniture Choice Ltd
You can even colour block using pastels. Another way you can introduce these in your home is through artworks and floor lamps which sport these sugary hues. Image courtesy, Dunelm

How to use pastel colours in the living room

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Your basin doesn’t always have to be square, rectangular or bowl shaped. Keeping in mind the overall design and aesthetic of the bathroom, you can play with the form as well. Image courtesy, Tejas Shah for Dipen Gada
For a clean, streamlined bathroom, stick to the essentials – a vanity, mirror, commode and shower space. Tie all these separate sections in with a singular colour, white. Image courtesy, Jara Varela
Black and white can be used in any number of combinations for a minimal bathroom – as a two-tone wall, for a chequered floor, counter space and even your lights can have a glossy black / chrome polish. Image courtesy, Jodie Johnson / Shutterstock.com

Minimal bathroom ideas

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Instead of just one bedside table, you can place two smaller ones that will give you more room to store your things. Opt for two in completely different styles and play with scale to make your corner stand out. Photography by Prachi Damle
For avid readers, focus on lighting is a must. Invest in a statement table lamp that will provide enough light when you’re turning pages. Image courtesy, Cuckooland
Instead of a side table on the floor, think about a floating / suspended side table. This will also give you greater floor space if you have a small bedroom. Image courtesy, H and G Designs

Bedside table ideas

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This dual-toned, pastel delight room is giving us major home décor goals. Here’s a quick hack – if you’re using oversized furniture pieces, use light coloured upholstery to make it seem less bulky. Image Courtesy, Eden Locke
Pastel shades, light coloured furniture and muted walls are the essentials of a minimal living room. If you want to create a focal point or a statement wall, then consider darker shades of the same tones. Image courtesy, IKEA
Another way to make an impact with your minimal style is to whitewash everything – from the furniture and upholstery to the walls. Ensure there is plenty of light streaming into the space. Image courtesy, IKEA

Minimal living rooms

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Remember to steer clear of prints except stripes and sea inspired patterns. When looking for upholstery for your chairs, think cream and beige. You can also choose to add metal rivets to your chairs to create visual interest. Image courtesy, Pottery Barn
Borrow elements from the sea such as seashells, rounded pebbles and star-fish shaped accents to up your nautical style table setting. A sailboat accessory will prove to be the crowning glory of the setting. Anchor prints, solid blues and crisp whites form an essential part of the nautical theme. Image courtesy, Maren Baxter, www.marenbaxter.com

Nautical style dining room ideas

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You don’t always have to do an elaborate routine to make your entryway stand out. All it takes to distinguish the space is clever demarcation. In Anjali Mangalgiri’s home, a soft rug and rocking chair are the only furniture elements in her entryway. What makes them eye-catching is the black wall that stands in stark contrast to the rest of the house. Image courtesy, Grounded
If you have a small entryway, think about using light colours to open the space visually. One thing you need to keep in mind is to not clutter up the area and limit the accents to one or two pieces. Switch the sideboard with a sleek console to further streamline the look. Image courtesy, Oliver Bonas
Storage is important in the entryway. This is where you will be dropping off your coats, bags and shoes. Utilise the walls with trendy metal shelves, sleek coat hangers and storage baskets. Image courtesy, CB2

Essentials For a Modern Entryway

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Play with lighting in your bathroom. Place it near a reflective surface such as a mirror to increase the amount of light streaming into the space. You can also make a décor statement with your choice of light. Image courtesy, CB2
Creative placement of shelves can go a long way in changing the way your bathroom looks. Invest in a step ladder or an open cabinet system to creatively display your toiletries and towels. This is also one way in which you can bring in colour in the bathroom. Image courtesy, IKEA
Think shiny bling for smaller accessories and fixtures to add that sparkle in your bathroom. An oxidised finish to the metal embellishments adds some visual drama. Image courtesy, Anthropologie

Wall decorating ideas for bathroom

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You can’t go wrong with colour. It’s one of the easiest, cheapest and surest ways of customising your kitchen. Instead of painting all walls, frame your kitchen by painting around the windows. Image courtesy, Amara
Most apartment kitchens have a small but separate laundry area. You can use prints, art or greens to align it with your décor. Photography by Prachi Damle
While this may be a slightly unconventional option, you can use washable wallpaper in the dry area of your kitchen. For example, you can bring to life the simple, white dado with a busy, printed wallpaper. Image courtesy, IKEA

Easy ways to customise your kitchen

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Cosy Bedroom Ideas

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A hand-painted tropical themed wall mural matches similarly themed upholstery in the living room. Image courtesy, The Orange Lane
The breathable steel panels provide a good foil for the greenery inside the house. Image courtesy, Lijo Reny Architects
A view of the bedroom on the second floor. Image courtesy, Lijo Reny Architects

Tropical Decor

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Make a bold move and pair vermilion with a healthy dose of fuschia. Also, don’t be afraid to incorporate different prints and patterns for a heady effect. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, play with various materials too – cotton, velvet and even silks. Image courtesy, Darren Chung for The Zetter Townhouse, Clerkenwell
If you’re not very sure about using several colours at once, specially in large swathes on walls, you can introduce them in small doses. Take for instance the headboard at the Dorset Square Hotel. Image courtesy, Simon Brown for Dorset Square
All colour doesn’t have to be loud. You can use a pale colour, combined with bright accessories and clashing flooring. In this case, a bright orange and pink rug brings the entire room to life. Image courtesy, Candolim Song

Colourful Bedrooms to get inspired by

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A sleek black console paired with silver trimmed mirrors oozes sophistication. Image courtesy, Maison Valentina
Make a bold statement in your powder room with a play of mirrors all over. You can combine this with silver trimmings such as towel rods, lighting fixtures and vanity. Image courtesy, Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris
Muted hues can also come together for a classy setup. Think of pristine white paired with gold and matte brass accents, all brought together by mellow mood lighting. Image courtesy, Four Seasons

Glamorous bathroom designs

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To give your white bedroom a country style charm, use distressed wood cabinets and drawers. Use light, cotton gauze curtains to cover your four-poster to complete the look. Image courtesy, Rampart Street
A white bedroom can work its charm even if pared back, housing only the bare essentials. Play with different materials such as cottons, silks and satins to create texture. Image courtesy, Mitch Fong for Ceylon Sliders
Gabled ceilings, exposed beams and light hardwood floors lend character to a white bedroom. If you’re looking to add a hint of glimmer, silver candelabras and frames will do the trick. Image courtesy, Cheval Blanc St-Barth Isle de France

Calm and cosy white bedrooms

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An overhead rack to hang pots, pans and even glasses suspended over the island kitchen helps eliminate the need of a cabinet to store these separately. Image courtesy, Nest
Make the most of your walls sans the cabinets. Place a rod under your floating shelf and hang some hooks from it to suspend pots, pans, ladles, strainers and other utensils you need for daily use. Image courtesy, Nest

Kitchen Storage Ideas

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A palm leaf wall paper in calming colours sets the tone for a holiday vibe in the entryway. Photography by Prachi Damle
To keep the beachy, bohemian vibe going, decorate with distressed furniture, lots of plants and several quirky accessories. Photography by Prachi Damle
A dimpled concrete ceiling sits atop the dining space. Image courtesy, The Orange Lane

Tropical Decor Ideas

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