Vertical landscape by Eiko Ojala

"Vertical Landscape" by Eiko Ojala. It looks like a paper landscape but the artist actually works digitally and hand-draws all the elements to look like they're cut out of people. (Hint: the shadows help!

COEN KAAYK, DE STAD 2011: space-bending acrylic pieces.

What if you used all that color-aid paper or the paint chips . Sculptures by Dutch artist Coen Kaayk whose work in resin and glass deals with the abstraction of light, colour and transparency:

MARK GARRY, THREAD INSTALLATION: "he uses pins and beads to attach hundreds of tiny threads to the walls and floors of a space, creating very delicate installations that flow with the space and geometry of a room. as one interacts with an installation, the artificial and natural light changes and the at times luminous threads take on a rainbow of tones and colors."

Hundreds of Threads Create Rainbows

In my Color World, every single window would be like that. hundreds of threads make a rainbow - by installation artist Mark Garry

Oak Room by Andy Goldsworthy

enochliew: “ Oak Room by Andy Goldsworthy Entered by a mysterious portal built into a long stone wall. Inside is a circular room with a domed ceiling of oak limbs.

YUKO TAKADA KELLER, PRISMATIC 1989: tracing paper installation.

Ethereal Tracing Paper Installations Suspended in Mid-Air - Denmark-based Japanese artist Yuko Takada Keller creates delicate paper installations that wash a sense of calm and ease over the viewer.

Antony Gormley

Steel block sculpture, stacked and propped with an architectural approach to construction // Prop II, Antony Gormley

ANISH KAPOOR, TALL TREE & THE EYE 2009: at the royal academy london.

Anish Kapoor, art installation 'Tall Tree and the Eye' at The Royal Academy, London, September

ZANDER OLSEN, TREE LINE: photos of meticulously wrapped trees.

Tree, Line by Zander Olsen Zander Olsen’s project is a series of landscape interventions, called “Line Tree.” Olsen plays around with the relationship between trees and the sky.

Small hand bound watercolored artist book by MagicalSquirrel

Project: Small hand bound watercolored artist book by MagicalSquirrel


make the city your playground - landscape architecture works - playground - südliche lohmühleninsel by Pehwaldt landscape architects

Guy Bourdin.

Guy Bourdin: In Between